Located in Cincinnati, OH, Coach Vince Suriano brings 43 years of football coaching expertise to help current coaches and players reach their goals through guided teaching, presentations, on-field instruction and face-to-face education. Having coached at both the high school and collegiate levels he is uniquely suited to bring out the best in the coaches and players he tutors.


Coach Vince Suriano recently completed 5 videos for Coaches Choice publishing company. He will give you an in depth, detailed lecture or consulting presentation on the topics discussed in these 5 Coaches Choice videos as well as new topics. These new topics include: Red Zone Offense, Football Program Development from A-Z and Training the High School QB. These can benefit coaches of all levels.

camps, Clinics &
Speaking Engagements

Throughout his career Coach Suriano has spoken and presented at numerous football camps, clinics and seminars. These speeches focus on football organization, offensive schemes and offensive systems at both the high school and collegiate levels. Most notably he has spoken at the esteemed Glazier Clinic in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Nashville. 


Coach Suriano's goal is to position your quarterback ahead of the developmental curve for quarterbacks their age. He achieves this by focusing on in-depth throwing mechanics, drop back and play action footwork, plus pass concept decision making. Also included are classroom style lectures on pass coverages, the strengths and weaknesses of different pass coverages, and how to read and attack each coverage.  


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